Let's Help End Child Solitary Confinement in New York.

Currently over 50,000 children are held in juvenile justice facilities across the country and over 5,200 are in adult jails or prisons. In New York children as young as seven can be placed into solitary confinement. #UnlockOurKids is demanding Governor Cuomo to abolish this torturous practice on July 23rd, 2017. National Solitary Day.

Despite Governor Andrew Cuomo's pledge to abolish child solitary confinement via the Raise the Age law, the facts speak otherwise. For one, Raise the Age won't go into effect for another 15 months, or until the fiscal year begins. During the next 471 days, thousands of young people will remain in adult facilities where they are likely to experience solitary confinement and other abusive practices. What's worse, retroactive provisions of the Raise the Age law, which would remove children already sentenced to adult prisons, were not approved by the Governor. Meaning 16 - 17 year olds sentenced and serving time prior to October 2018, will continue to languish for years in adult prisons. These youth will never see the benefits of Raise the Age. All the while, juvenile detention centers continue to utilize solitary confinement despite alarming scientific medical evidence speaking to its damaging effects on the developing child brain.

Once you click "start" on the landing screen, you will be transported into a 360 solitary confinement cell, built to accurate dimensions of a real solitary unit by the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow. You can explore the cell's harsh realities and learn of the damaging side effects these realities have on our children. For more information on the facts utilized in the experience, contact Stop Solitary for Kids and the ACLU. At any time you can leave the experience and pledge support via our petition, as well as tweet directly at New York's Governor. Let's demand he #UnlockOurKids!

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